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Maintenance and outsourcing

Maintenance and outsourcing

We maintain the software, develop finished projects and add new features.

Develop your product with us

We maintain projects created by our company and finished products. We take care of hosting, but also introduce new functionalities. We make sure that our solutions are efficient and consistent with the existing infrastructure.

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When adding new features to the site, consistency plays an important role. It is important to keep in mind the existing elements and how they work together. Our team pays great attention to the consistency of the entire project.

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Our server complies with security rules. We follow rules that minimize the risk of danger on the site. The latest updates, regular backups, are the elements that allow our customers not to worry about their product.

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Good software must be efficient. In our projects, we take care to optimize the code. The server where we keep our projects is constantly updated. The latest software and efficient hosting specifications allow for high site speed.

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Practical solutions

We don't want to limit the client to working only with us. We write code and create solutions that are understandable and readable by other programmers.


We maintain projects in a variety of technologies. We develop the frontend layer mainly in React.js and Vue.js. We develop the backend layer in programming languages such as PHP, Node.js, Python.

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Our skill set

MVP Development - skill icon
MVP Development
UX/UI design - skill icon
UX/UI design
Production deployments - skill icon
Production deployments
Frontend - skill icon
Cloud services - skill icon
Cloud services
Database development - skill icon
Database development
Application tests - skill icon
Application tests
Back-End - skill icon
Dev-Ops - skill icon
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